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Latest Technology THUNDERBOLT

THUNDERBOLT™ TECHNOLOGYThe Fastest Connection To Your PC Experience‡ From the company with the fastest processors comes the fastest way to get information in and out of your PC and peripheral devices.‡ At 10 Gbps, Thunderbolt™ technology gives you great responsiveness with high-speed data and display transfers in each direction—at the same time.‡ With a single cable, connecting a PC to multiple devices is simple, making it easy to get and see what you want, when you want it. Thunderbolt technology gives you incredible flexibility; high performance expansion is just a cable away for new and novel uses, now and in the future.
With the 10 Gbps performance of Thunderbolt products you can
Transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds‡Backup 1 year of continuous MP3 playback in just over 10 minutes‡What is Thunderbolt technology and how does it workDeveloped by Intel (under the code name Light Peak), and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple. Thunderbol…