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If u red the title u will think what? Actually its not that interested topic.But if u are a tech fan or IT guy it will be a interesting to u. Its a Virus...

             With in 5 minutes it will restart your PC and next time restart it will do the same thing. Users are panic in this situation if someone want to get rid of this he want to do something with in 5 minutes. That's way I mention the topic "With in 5 minutes"

              Its very easy... Format the PC and install everything, Its a normal idea for the User  . Some people think this is the easy way to get rid all error from the PC. If any issue in the PC even a clock has changed, they format the PC. But i think format HDD is not the solution for all PC errors. I suggest that is the last try. OK then what is the solution for this virus issue.

             When u got the desktop immediately go to run and type 'ms-config' it will direct to the System configuration utility and go to General t…